Sale Two By Two Tana Bana Dari ( 144 inch * 216 inch )

Two By Two Tana Bana Dari ( 144 inch * 216 inch )

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Two By Two Dariis produced on a loom that is very similar to woven cloth, There are many different colored yarns being used and the entire process is capable of producing very intricate patterns from designs that are pre-determined. Normally, woven is the highest quality of carpet on the market. Product Specification Color - Mixed colour and all colours available. Selam Dari from being a luxury to a necessity have come a long way. Now, the comfort of Dariwill extend beyond the living room and place that you can think of. * Living Room * Bed Room * Dinning Room * Home Theater * Kid's Room * Dressing Room * Study Room * Offices.

Width - 144 inch

Length - 216inch

Tana - 2 / 6s Count

Bana - 2 / 6s Count

The Handloom Mark Registration Number is HLM-NAG-45-70013.

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