Khadi India Ayurvedic Burgundy Mehndi (100g)

Khadi India Ayurvedic Burgundy Mehndi (100g)

  • ₹ 149.00

Application:- When applied regularly keeps hair Burgundy, mask grey and keeps in good conditions. Remove dandruff and lice. 

Direction:- Mix 10 gm of the powder with 30-40ml water to produces a smooth paste and wait for 15-20 minutes. Apply the paste on grey hair and leave it for 45 minutes. wash the hair with water and dry them. 

Ingredients:- Heena Powder, Amla Powder, Shikakai Powder, Aritha Powder, Methi Powder, Bhringraj Powder, Trifla Powder, Hibiscus powder, Neem Powder, 2N- Para PHenyLenediamine, Sodium Perborate, Citric Acid, preservatives Q.S. 

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