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Khadi India Gift Pack Beauty Care Set

Khadi India Gift Pack Beauty Care Set
Khadi India Gift Pack Beauty Care Set
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Khadi India Gift Pack Beauty Care Set : Khadi Soap ( Almond, Aloevera), Khadi Scrub Lotion Fruit rub, Khadi Herbal Hair Cleanses , Khadi Face wash.

Khadi India Aloe Vera Scrub Soap: Revitalise And Nourish Your Skin With This Aloe Vera Body Wash  That’Ll Leave Your Shin Supple And Moisturised. Enriched With The Goodness Of Essential Oils, This Bars Has Been Handmade With Utmost Care To Nurture A Beautiful You.

Khadi India Almond Khus Soap: Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E. It not only improves the skin complexion but the skin looks all the more young, healthier. Fine lines disappear and the skin-aging process slows down.

Khadi India Face Wash Fresh Lemon(with Neem & Tulsi): It's gentle cleansing action controls moisture and natural balance of skin. Lemon,  Neem & Tulsi kills germs, moisture and rejuvenates the skin tissues, to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful. It also hepls to prevent pimples. 


Khadi India Scrub Lotion Fruit Rub: Special formula with the extracts of fruits, which helps to clean the blackheads and dead skin cells. It helps to remove blackheads and scars from the skin and makes skin healthy.


Khadi India Herbal Hair Cleanser: An Unique Combination Of Shikakai, Neem& Rare Indian Herbs Which Cleanses The Scalp & Strengthens The Roots Of The Hair, Making It Long, Thick & Silky. Controls Premature Greying & Falling Of Hair.


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