Khadi Herbal Face Wash-Neem & Tulsi (150ml)

Khadi Herbal Face Wash-Neem & Tulsi (150ml)

  • ₹ 209.00

A soap-free, herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples, Neem & Tulsi well known for its antibacterial and Antioxidant properties, kills problem-causing bacteria, and Turmeric effectively controls acne and pimples. Use regularly for clear, soft and pimple-free skin.

Direction:- Moisten Face and neck, apply a small amount of purifying neem and tulsi face wash and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily. Use Khadi purifying Neem and Tulsi Face wash ones a week to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Ingredients:- Nimba extract ( Azadirachta indica), Tulsi Extract ( Ocimum sanctum), Aloe vera Extract, Base and Fragrance Q.S.

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